The house where you will stay is on two floors and is characteristic of the old padronali campidanesi houses: it conserves the atmosphere and the principle elements with the stone walls visible, the front room ceiling in wood and with excellent natural lighting. To the original structure I have added all the comforts necessary in order to offer a top quality service. All systems have been installed with rigorous respect for the environment, using alternative energy and bio-construction concepts: these are ideas that I have believed in for years and which I had implemented even before having the idea of starting a Bed & Breakfast. The roof is ventilated, the heating and air conditioning are powered by photovoltaic panels and for irrigation and other domestic uses of water I have installed a system for recycling rainwater. The house has been restructured staying as close as possible to the rules of bio-construction using naturally isolating materials such as pearlite, cork, wood and other products painted with water paints.

Solar panels were installed in 2000 and the photovoltaic system was added in 2009. So as to avoid wasting drinking water in irrigation I created a well in the garden, moreover I have installed a water softener because the local water is very hard and I’m not fond of the idea of drinking water from plastic bottles.

In the house we exclusively use light bulbs with low energy consumption. All electro domestics have been renewed and are in the category AA+. The boiler that heats the house uses a mix of sansa and wood and, since 2010, also uses a system that utilizes electric energy produced by the house. The window fixtures all have double glazing and vetro-camera to save energy. The products I use for cleaning are eco-compatable and biodegradable. The lawn and the plants are treated with biological products and for fertilizer we only use manure, absolutely avoiding chemical fertilizers. To avoid the excessive use of detergents, even if they are ecological, I use a dry wash system which cleans, from windows to floors, exclusively with steam.

Thanks to the agronomist Maurizio Fadda, my ‘synergetic’ vegetable garden guarantees a Summer and Autumn of biological vegetables and fruit without any chemical products. To avoid pollution I choose food whose transport tends towards zero kilometres, this is why I prefer to buy Sardinian products: they guarantee me quality, genuiness and don’t damage the environment by travelling for thousands of kilometres For the use of my guests I put at their disposition the most ecological form of transport that exists: the bicycle.
All that I have said represents my small contribution towards nature and makes me feel in harmony with the surrounding environment. My philosophy of life has taught me that instead of waiting for others to change the World I have to start doing so myself, starting with me, starting with all that surrounds me, my microcosm. If we were all to do like this, day by day, little by little, our contribution would be bigger and bigger and our consciences clearer.