A sauna on wheels!

You have been warned: it won’t be easy, but you will be more than adequately rewarded – for every drop of sweat – from the stupendous panorama that sweeps down from the Himalaya hills up to Gennargentu, an old volcano, now extinct, with the silhouette of a sleeping man which many see as the profile of Napoleon. Escolca is certainly a priveleged place for cyclists as it allows them to choose from many routes. First of all based on their own physical charcteristics. One who is heavier than the average can go towards Villamar and Villanovafranca, where a flat landscape allows a fair speed; if you’re a cyclist who prefers hills you will surely prefer to go up to Gesturi, Nurallao, Laconi and beyond, arriving at the passes of Ortuabis and Sa Casa. In the Summer the plain is dominated by the dry yellow of the fields and in the mountains a dark green covers the slopes bequeathing a great sense of peace and serenity to all who have had the good idea of placing foot on pedal, because in that case you can enjoy the countryside at the same time and the effort seems much less. If you are from the city you will immediatley notice the small volume of traffic on these roads: which means much less chance of accidents (and consequently less swearing!) Also there is less pollution. What really hits you is the silence, (apart from the Sunday of the feast of Laconi, whenh a tide of Cagliari folk invade and block the SS128): when you go up in the mountains you can clearly hear yourself breathing, hear the wheels on the road and the lament of the chain under stress which is begging for pity!

It’s useful to remember that Udace has a race calendar in which season ticket holders can participate, the prizes are generous and take into consideration both the final placing and that of each category. The races are short (maximum 70 km) and with a sustained rhythm; the atmosphere is very friendly and there is always refreshment at the end of the race for everyone. While we’re on the subject, for the last two years, at Esterzili, at the end of the race the organizers offer a mountain lunch in a pine wood, on enormous tables. In the Summer it’s essential to start before 07*00 a.m. in order to avoid overheating, but every cyclist should already know this.
Are you tired? Perhaps, but surely satisfied.