Let’s leave the lazy tourists to waste time sitting at a table outside some bar, choose a rocky face and go climbing .

The conformation of the hills in these parts is perfect for free climbing, a new frontier of extreme tourism that unites the passion for adventure with the factor of economy, an important factor nowadays! In every season many climbers come here to climb the rocks of Isili, a centre with good facilities just a few kilometres from here, spread out on a high plain surrounded by valleys and steep limestone walls whose natural beauty and level of difficulty attract climbers from all over the World.

Near Isili there are astonishing natural paths, from which you can admire the almost inaccesible rocks that seem created by God in fantastic shapes for his entertainment, some of the most famous climbers come to challenge these heights (there are 85 climbs open from 5° to 8°).

The Isilesi cliffs are amongst the most beautiful in the World and have been baptized with fantastic names: Pannello solare, Urania, Paese dei Nuraghi, Conca manna, The science of things, Ukulele, Corvo spaziale, Cubo magico, Pietra filosofale, Corvo solitario, Rosa dei venti and the impregnable Tanca Farrà, so far only climbed by one Austrian. Climbers come from Switzerland, France, Germany, Canada, Slovenia, Holland and Austria (students of the master of free climbing, Arthur Cubista, who runs a school for free climbers in Vienna) and of course many Sardinians and lovers of the sport from all over the Italian peninsula. The most important sporting magazine for this pass time, the Dutch journal ‘Limits’, dedicated the cover and no less than 20 pages in the June 2009 issue to the “suggestive rocky walls of Isili”, describing the climbs of some of the greatest European exponents of the sport such as Stephanie Bodet, Jos Leenen, Josune Bereciartu, Joachim Schlegel, Katrin Gawlas the great Arthur Cubista. The director of Limits, Frank Sillen, last year declared «it’s the fourth time that I’ve come here to Isili, and I consider the cliffs of this country amongst the most beautiful in the world». Ignazia, your hostess, says «I have personally met climbers from all over Europe who, in Winter and Spring, come to climb these rocks and stay at my house. In the autumn of 2009 I hosted a German couple who, with two children, came to climb and to enjoy a holiday that was wonderful for them, and also for me.»