The house where you will stay is on two floors and is characteristic of the old padronali campidanesi houses: it conserves the atmosphere and the principle elements with the stone walls visible, the front room ceiling in wood and with excellent natural lighting. To the original structure I have added all the comforts necessary in order to offer a top quality of service.

All systems have been installed with rigorous respect for the environment, using alternative energy and bio-construction concepts: these are ideas that I have believed in for years and which I had implemented even before having the idea of starting a Bed & Breakfast There are obviously heating and air-conditioning which are powered by photovoltaic panels and for irrigation of the garden and the synergic orchard and other domestic uses of water I have installed a system for recycling rainwater. Even though we are on the main village road, the house is very silent and allows its very welcomed guests to spend peaceful and serene days, immerged in the luxurious nature of the garden, in a pleasant surrounding which does good to one’s spirit I really want my guests to feels as if they were home.