The 71.6 kilometre long circular cycling route, startting from our hotel, will make you discover the most interesting places of the Sarcidano, historical region of Central Sardinia. Starting from the site of Isili, where there is the the fifteenth century BC Nuraghe “Is Paras”, and the Cliffs, the perfect ‘gym’ for free climbing enthusiasts. At the same location you can also visit the Art Museum of the Copper and Fabrics. A little more effort and you get to Nurallao to admire the Tomb of the Giants of Aiodda. Further on, in Laconi, are the Museum of Menhir and the Aymerich Park. If you go on, you will pass through the villages of Nureci, Genoni and Nuragus, until you get to the park of the Giara of Gesturi. A few kilometres more, and you’ll arrive in Barumini which houses the archaeological site of Su Nuraxi and Zapata House, built between the sixteenth and seventeenth century. The tour then goes to Gergei and ends in Escolca.