A sunny day is the perfect time to organize a bike trip towards the Nuraghic Sanctuary of Santa Vittoria. The Enclosure of the Celebrations is the most emblematic place of the complex, so much so that its observation has prompted archaeologists to speculate that the sanctuary was built to bring together all the tribes. In fact, inside the enclosure can be found the kitchen, the porch for the faithful and the huts for the meetings.

    Reaching the Hut of the Chief you can see the holy well: going down the stairs you will be immersed in the atmosphere of the cult of the water, life-giving element for prehistoric populations. The Nuraghic Well is constructed in such a way so as to allow the lunar rays to cross the tholos during the solstices: when they encounter the water, they make it fruitful, regenerate it and purify it.

    The 11th of September marks the celebration of Santa Vittoria, which is dedicated to a Byzantine church rebuilt by Benedictine monks. During that day, the christian meets the profane, as well the ancient and the modern. It would be a pity to miss it.